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Upgrading Your Technology?

Our trade-in program keeps your technology cutting edge, without breaking the bank.Types of equipment considered for trade in consist of:

  • Mac desktop and notebook computers
  • PC desktop and notebook computers
  • iPad
  • iPhone

(Equipment must be in working condition to be eligible for trade in.)

Make a positive impact on your budget. And the environment.

Trading-in is truly a win-win. For your business and for the environment. When you trade in your used equipment—whether a Mac or PC computer, iPad, or iPhone—you may get cash back that you can use for new Macs. It’s fast and it’s easy. That’s why there’s no better time than now to invest in your company’s technology. You’ll not only be making a wise investment, but an environmentally conscious one too.

Why trade in your old equipment?

Reduce costs and recoup some cash. Trading in is an efficient way to reuse and recycle your used equipment—all made easy with a simple process to give you money back.

Plan ahead and manage technology obsolescence. Learning what your old technology is worth and when it’s time for something new lets you forecast your future needs and costs.

Stay secure and avoid the worry. Trust that your old technology—and any sensitive data it contains—is scrubbed to appropriate standards by a reliable vendor. So you can rest easy.

Be responsible and legally compliant. If your technology is eligible, you can trade it in for reuse. That’s not only socially responsible, it helps you comply with local, state, and federal disposal laws too.

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