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Enhanced protection for your Apple device

  • Pays AppleCare+ deductibles
  • Lifts the limit on the number of accidental damage claims
  • Provides a fourth year of protection
  • Renewable in one-year increments

A Safeware Wrapper Program makes AppleCare+ even better!

In 2016, Apple enhanced AppleCare by adding coverage for accidental damage and re-branding it AppleCare+. It is important to know, though, that where accidental damage is concerned, AppleCare+ has several limitations:

  • Deductibles of $99 or $299 depending on the scope of damage
  • Only two accidental damage claims are covered
  • Maximum coverage is 3-years

By adding a Safeware Wrapper to AppleCare+ for just $139, you will appreciate:

  • Having Safeware pay the deductibles
  • Removing the limit on the number of accidental damage claims
  • Protection for a fourth year
  • Still repaired by Apple Authorized technicians according to Apple service protocol
  • Same great service provider — TenPlus Systems!

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