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E-Waste Recycling Program

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Go Green At No Cost

We work hard to keep e-waste out of landfills…


Our e-cycling program is intended for select computers: Specifically, computers retired and decommissioned by our Priority Services clients, and computers that are currently in our service queue which are not being repaired.    

For computers which do not meet either of these two criteria, TenPlus Systems charges $15 per computer as a processing fee to cover disassembly and hard drive shredding. TenPlus Systems does not accept printers or CRT monitors for e-cycling.    

Members of the public who wish to e-cycle electronics should contact their local waste management department. For your convenience, here are links to area county webpages for electronics disposal: 

• Wake County - 

• Durham County - 

• Orange County - 

• Johnston County -

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