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Warranty and Non Warranty Hardware Repair

On the occasion that your computer needs service, TenPlus Systems is the right service provider for your Warranty or Non-Warranty repairs.

Warranty Repair

TenPlus is an Authorized Service Provider for Apple and Lenovo brand equipment. With these authorizations, our team can help repair your computer under warranty. Instances of accidental damage and abuse are generally not covered under warranty, but having these repairs performed by an authorized service provider may restore the warranty after the accidental damage is repaired. With years of combined experience, certified technicians and award winning service performance, you can rest assured that TenPlus is your best service option.

Non Warranty Repair

TenPlus offers service and support for your older equipment. We have diagnostic tools and service guides for computers well over five years old, an age at which many service providers begin to refuse service. In the event your computer is too old to repair cost effectively, we can provide you with your new computer options, complete setup and installation, data migration services, financing and secure recycling of your old equipment. Services for out of warranty computers are generally billed based on time and materials. To check your warranty status, just give us a call or complete the Check Warranty Status request form on this page.

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