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Audio/Video Solutions

The Priority Service team at TenPlus designs and deploys high performance workstations for advanced Audio/Video capture, storage, editing, production, and distribution. Our Priority Service team provides needs assessment, workstation engineering, integration and installation, and priority based service & support for our AV clients. We proudly engineer solutions with Apple, Adobe, AJA, APC, HP, Panasonic, Sonnet, Sony, Winsted and many others.

Audio/Video Hardware

TenPlus engineers industry standard hardware solutions from manufacturer brands you have come to depend on and trust most. Name brand products like Apple, AJA, Black Magic, Promise Storage, Sonnet Storage, Lacie Storage, Sony and Panasonic Video Displays, Digital Video & Audio Converters, Reference Speakers, Battery Backup System, to name a few.

Audio/Video Software

From the Adobe Suite of Applications, Apple Final Cut Pro, and numerous plug ins for Special Effects and File Conversion, TenPlus leverages the latest state of the art software to establish and facilitate a productive high performance workflow. Rest assured that TenPlus engineers the top of the line cutting edge software solutions for AV editors.

X-SAN Deployment

TenPlus is an Xsan Certified technology integrator and support provider. For clients that demand high performance and shared AV storage for Audio & Video applications, Xsan is a very cost effective solution. Xsan is a 64-bit cluster file system specifically designed for small and large computing environments that demand the highest level of data availability. This specialized technology enables multiple Mac desktop systems to share RAID storage volumes over a high-speed Fibre Channel networks. Each client can read and write directly to the centralized file system, accelerating user productivity while improving workgroup collaboration. 

For more information on our AV Solutions and Xsan capabilities just give us a call or complete the inquiry form on this page.

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