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TenPlus Priority Service is available to customers of all sizes, on an As Needed Basis or under a TenPlus Service Agreement. When you have a service agreement with TenPlus Systems, covering all or part of your technology environment, you benefit from priority attention and response, preventive maintenance that limits down time events, discounted labor rates, the ability to plan and budget your IT service and support cost. You gain peace of mind knowing that the IT professionals at TenPlus will take care of your environment and IT support needs expeditiously.

Phone, Remote and Onsite Support

Priority Services provides support in a variety of ways including phone support, remote access, in-office, and, when necessary, here in TenPlus’ own fully equipped service department. As a Managed Services Provider (MSP), our first priority is to prevent issues from coming up to begin with. When they do, our next priority is to get them resolved as expediently as possible, by whichever means is most appropriate — Phone, remote access, on-site, or at TenPlus.

TenPlus Service Agreements

Imagine having your own dedicated and affordable IT Department that anticipates and looks after your every computer and technology need. An IT Department for your technology needs that leverages multiple resources, technology certifications and hundreds of years of combined industry experience. An IT Department that has consultants, engineers and technical staff that stay abreast of the latest technology developments, technology solutions, and problem solving methods. You just imagined a TenPlus Service Agreement. To learn more about TenPlus Priority Service and our Service Agreements just give us a call or complete the inquiry form on this page.

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